eSIM Vodafone 2024

Vodafone eSIM has recently become possible in England. The digital SIM is now available from Vodafone and is completely free!

Order eSIM from Vodafone

With the eSIM you use Vodafone's fast network, you have multiple numbers on one phone and the eSIM is quick and easy to install.

The new digital SIM chip can be used in combination with a regular SIM card. You can call and use the internet with two telephone numbers on one device.

eSIM from Vodafone in Engeland
eSIM from Vodafone in Engeland

eSIM Vodafone phones

Vodafone has the eSIM in combination with the latest telephones. Vodafone's eSIM is suitable for the following smartphones:

  • iPhone Xr
  • iPhone Xs (Max)
  • iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max) and higher
  • iPhone SE (2020) and higher
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 (Plus, Ultra) and higher
  • iPad Pro (11 and 12,9 inch, 3e generation) and higher

Order eSIM Vodafone

From Vodafone you can order the eSIM in combination with a SIM Only or a subscription with telephone. Vodafone also allows you to exchange your current SIM card for the eSIM.

You can order an eSIM subscription from Vodafone as a new customer, but it is also possible to switch to the new SIM card when renewing your current subscription.

  1. Choose a subscription with telephone or a SIM Only subscription from Vodafone
  2. Log in as an existing customer, or register as a new customer
  3. You will receive a voucher with which you can install the eSIM
Order eSIM from Vodafone

Install Vodafone eSIM

After your order you will receive an eSIM voucher from Vodafone. The steps are explained here. You can also follow the instructions online to install Vodafone's eSIM.

The voucher contains a QR code that you must scan. You then enter the ePin that is also on the voucher.

There may be multiple eSIM profiles around the chip, but only one can be active.

Your Vodafone eSIM can only be installed on one device. If you want to install the eSIM on another smartphone, you must first delete the profile on the old one. So keep the voucher safe!

After installation, you can make your old SIM card unusable and throw it away.

Frequently asked questions about Vodafone's eSIM (FAQ)

Wie viel kostet die eSIM von Vodafone?

Vodafone's eSIM is free! The costs of the eSIM are the same as those of a normal SIM card, so in most cases it costs nothing.

How do I install Vodafone's eSIM?

You can install Vodafone's eSIM as follows:

  1. Scan the QR code on the voucher
  2. Enter the ePin of the voucher
  3. Activate the eSIM on your device
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Vodafone eSIM is available in England. The digital SIM is now available at Vodafone and the eSIM is completely free! Order Vodafone's eSIM now!

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