eSIM for SIM only and prepaid in 2024

The eSIM is for SIM only and prepaid. The eSIM is available for every SIM card, so for both SIM-only and prepaid.

With most providers and in many phones you can set the eSIM on your SIM-only subscription, and with one provider with a prepaid card.


eSIM with SIM only subscription

Your SIM only subscription can be used on the eSIM. When ordering a new subscription or renewing an existing one, in many cases you can choose to switch to the digital SIM card for free.

The SIM only subscription will then be downloadable as a profile on your mobile phone. You no longer have to use a plastic SIM card.

You can purchase the eSIM in combination with a SIM-only subscription from the following providers: Vodafone.

eSIM with prepaid SIM card

eSIM with a prepaid card is possible in England. Simyo is currently the only provider that allows you to install a prepaid card on your eSIM.

The calling credits for the eSIM prepaid at Simyo are:

  • £7.50 calling credit for just £5
  • £22.50 calling credit for £15
  • £35.00 calling credit for £25

Because of a nice discount, you pay less than what you receive. For example, you only pay £5 for £7.50 calling credit with Simyo.

Other providers, such as KPN, Vodafone, 50plus Mobiel and Odido, do not yet offer prepaid in combination with the eSIM.

Dual SIM with SIM only and prepaid at the same time

Because the e-SIM is a digital chip, you can use two SIM cards. This way you can set your SIM-only subscription on the eSIM and physically press your prepaid card into the device.

With dual SIM you have two telephone numbers on one phone. This is useful if you want to use the same device for business and private calls. You can also buy a physical prepaid card abroad and use it in addition to your own English SIM-only subscription.

Frequently asked questions about the eSIM SIM only and prepaid (FAQ)

Which providers offer eSIM with a SIM-only subscription?

The eSIM with SIM only is available from the following providers:

  • Vodafone

Which providers allow eSIM with prepaid?

De eSIM with prepaid is available from the following provider:

  • Vodafone
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eSIM for SIM only and prepaid. The eSIM is available for any SIM card, so for both SIM only and prepaid. Use dual SIM with SIM only & prepaid.

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