Everything about the eSIM in England 2024: digital SIM card for duel SIM

eSIM is the digital SIM card in telephones and other mobile devices. With the eSIM you can use dual SIM, so you can call with two numbers. eSIM is the abbreviation of 'embedded SIM', which means that the SIM card is fully integrated into your smartphone.

The new SIM card is a replacement for the plastic SIM card in telephones and other devices. eSIM is available in 2024 from Vodafone and in the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxys.

eSIM in England is supported by these providers:



eSIM Engeland
Providers: Vodafone
Phones: iPhone 14, iPhone 15, Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S23, Motorola Razr
Abbreviation: Embedded sim
Size: 6mm - 5mm - 0,67mm

The eSIM is the digital successor to the plastic SIM card, as used by providers for years. The eSIM is suitable for the latest smartphones, and Odido is currently the only provider that also supports a smartwatch.

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    eSIM providers in England

    eSIM providers in England are not yet available in large numbers. This new technology is only supported by a small number of providers so far. The digital SIM card is still very new, so within a few years more providers will be enthusiastic about it.

    Vodafone is the first and so far the only eSIM providers in England in 2024.

    The eSIM can be used in combination with a SIM Only subscription or with a Prepaid card. You don't pay anything extra for the eSIM, so the eSIM is completely free!

    You also do not have to take out a new subscription or renew it to use the digital SIM card. You can easily switch to the new SIM card in between!

    eSIM from Vodafone in Engeland
    eSIM from Vodafone in Engeland

    eSIM SIM-only and subscriptions

    eSIM in England is possible via an eSIM subscription with a device or an eSIM SIM-only subscription without a device. Providers can install both forms on the digital SIM card without any problems.

    If you already have a physical plastic SIM card, you can request the new eSIM from your provider. The old SIM card will then be blocked and your eSIM activated.

    Of course, your phone or tablet must support the eSIM.

    You can order eSIM in a number of ways:

    • Existing subscription: do you already have a subscription with a provider and do you want to switch to an eSIM subscription? Then you can easily request this online.
    • New subscription: do you want a new subscription with eSIM? Then you can indicate this in the store. You can also opt for special eSIM subscriptions online.
    • Extend subscription: do you want to extend your current subscription and switch to the eSIM at that time? Then you can indicate this online when renewing.

    eSIM in phones in England

    There are currently not many eSIM phones released in England. Although the new SIM card is on the rise, there are still few smartphones that contain the chip.

    Major brands such as Apple and Samsung already offer an eSIM phone. This obviously concerns the latest models, such as the iPhone 15 and the Galaxy S24.

    British providers with eSIM on your smartwatch

    In England, Odido is the only provider where you can use the eSIM in your smartwatch. Network support is offered for both Apple and Android watches.

    With an Apple Watch (Cellular) or Samsung Galaxy Watch you can leave the house without a phone, while remaining connected to the network. With the MultiSIM from this British provider you are connected to the network without a telephone.

    With Odido you can go running and stream music at the same time, without having to have your smartphone at hand. With Odido's MultiSIM you link the eSIM to your existing subscription and number, especially for the smartwatch.

    eSIM phones from Apple and Samsung
    eSIM phones from Apple and Samsung

    eSIM for sim only and prepaid

    The eSIM is sent for the SIM only as prepaid. Here you can have a subscription in each of your own neighborhoods.

    Sim only in combination with the eSIM is available from all major telecom providers. The prepaid eSIM can actually be used by an English provider, called Vodafone.

    eSIM for SIM only and prepaid can be ordered quickly and easily. In both areas you can get a free overstappen of the plastic SIM card to a SIM only subscription of prepaid card.

    What is eSIM?

    What is eSim? The eSIM is the digital SIM card that is fully integrated into mobile devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches and tablets.

    The eSIM works exactly the same as the SIM card you got, so you don't have to worry about physics in the device.

    If you print a SIM card from your telecom provider in your phone, you can download the software directly from the built-in chip. This means that the connection with the provider can be made using a plastic sim card.

    When you take out a telephone subscription, you will receive a download link or a QR code from the provider, with which you can easily download the software.

    The new eSIM card is the technological innovation of the usable SIM card, which can be connected to the network with the mobile device. The afkorting SIM is called 'subscriber identity module'.

    eSIM, Mini Sim, Micro Sim and Nano Sim
    eSIM, Mini Sim, Micro Sim and Nano Sim

    Advantages of the eSIM England

    The advantages of the eSIM in England are:

    • Dual sim
    • Just as safe as the traditional SIM card
    • Changing providers is easier
    • Losing the small SIM card will no longer happen
    • Space in the device becomes available

    Dual sim

    The eSIM card is a dual SIM, meaning two numbers can be installed on it. This means you can receive calls on two numbers without having to change cards. In theory, more than two numbers could even be installed on the eSIM.

    With a digital dual SIM you can use both your private and business telephone number on a smartphone. You can also easily purchase a data bundle outside Europe, for example for business trips or holidays.


    The eSIM is just as safe as the traditional SIM card. This is of course extremely important, as the SIM card contains information about your subscription. Only you may have access to the network via your SIM card.

    Change provider

    Changing mobile providers is easier because you don't have to change a physical SIM card. So you don't have to wait until the provider has sent your card. Downloading the necessary software is done within a few minutes.

    Never lose it again

    The eSIM chip is built into the device and cannot be removed. Losing the traditional SIM card is therefore a thing of the past.

    More space in the device

    Because the eSIM is built into your phone or tablet, more space becomes available inside the device. Of course, the eSIM also requires some space in the form of a chip, but this is considerably less than the plastic card. With the space that has become available, manufacturers can do something else meaningful.

    The manufacturer may also decide to make the device smaller again. In the case of a smartphone the gain will be minimal, but in the smaller smartwatches any free space is very welcome.

    eSIM logo

    The eSIM logo was developed to create recognition for mobile devices that support this technology. This makes it clearer to consumers whether the product meets their requirements.

    eSIM logo
    eSIM logo

    The eSIM logo can be used freely by everyone.

    Frequently asked questions about the eSIM England (FAQ)

    What is the eSIM?

    The eSIM is a built-in SIM card in mobile phones and other devices. The eSIM is the digital successor to the plastic SIM card.

    What does eSIM mean?

    eSIM is the abbreviation for 'embedded SIM', which means that the SIM card is fully integrated into the device in question.

    Which providers support eSIM in England?

    The eSIM is supported in England by the following providers:

    • Vodafone

    What are the dimensions of the eSIM?

    The eSIM is very small, which allows the manufacturer to save space in the smartphone. The dimensions of the eSIM are:

    • Height: 6mm
    • Width: 5mm
    • Thickness: 0,67mm
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    Everything about eSIM in England, such as providers, phones, and installation. The eSIM (embedded SIM) is the digital SIM card for dual SIM in smartphones.

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